From the desk of Dr. David Luisi....

San Diego, California



My passion for art began when I was fourteen years old: my parents drove to Boston

and took me to the Museum of Fine Arts. There, the variety of subject matters, the

vibrant colors and exotic settings were a vivid contrast to the sleepy little town of my

upbringing and initiated a magical escape from my loneliness. From that point onward

my imagination was ignited and I spent day after day in the library pouring over the

colored plates of famous artists and reading about their adventurous lives.


This love affair with art intensified throughout college, especially after moving to the

Midwest for graduate studies. Those years of study and work were very long, difficult

and lean, and troubled me on and off from approximately 1970 to 1985. However, as

lean as they were I frequently gave up a day’s meals to buy train tickets to Chicago and

to pay the entrance fees to the Art Institute and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

During this time I thought that, even though I lacked the money to purchase art from

famous artists, then at least the slightest contact with them would fulfill my emotional

needs and allow me to share some of their greatness. With this fantasy in mind I wrote

to dozens of artists asking, if they would please send me an autograph, I would be very

happy just to frame it. My pleas must have sounded so desperate that they responded

not only with autographs but sometimes with small examples of their art, letters and

other art memorabilia.


Now that I am elderly and the stresses of those years have passed, I am deeply grateful

for the kindness of these artists and the psychological lifelines they extended when I

needed it most.


I hereby certify that I have authorized Creighton-Davis Gallery to offer at auction, the

item described under each lot number which came from my collection.

Further that this work of art, signature, or work of memorabilia described under this lot

number was directly received by me as the result of my direct contact with the artist

listed under this lot number and is the authentic and genuine original item I received

and as described.


A copy of this letter, signed by me, with a photo-certificate of the lot (printed on the certificate)

will accompany each item to the new owner.


David Luisi, Ph.D.

July 2012